Observing the developments journalism is attempting to go through as technology keeps moving forward puts me in mind of a celebrity couple. There are times that the two seem completely compatible, and there are times that they seem mutually exclusive.

Instead of picking up a glossy magazine I just scan Twitter to see how journalism is faring. If a news story is in the trending topics then I can be breathe again. Since Twitter is so easily accessible for so many people I feel it’s the best example to determine how popular news is. Sure, every minute there are hundreds of new tweets, but they are coming from people walking to work, in the middle of class, at the grocery store, at home in bed, on a date and everywhere in between. If enough people are taking the time to go on Twitter to post something regarding a story then journalism is doing something right.

Some journalists have their own Twitter accounts which makes it easy for people on the site to keep up with news should they choose to do so. Ann Curry is slightly insightful and always tries to end the day with an inspirational quote. Anderson Cooper basically posts headlines with an accompanying link to the actual story.

Twitter isn’t just a source for hard news, it can be utilized by entertainment writers to see the next up-and-coming star, by sports writers to get instant reactions to games and by travel writers to update people on accommodations in a foreign land. One of my favorite features of World Hum is when they post their favorite travel related tweets.

Instead of reading an outdated article or guidebook I can just scan the internet for a story in 140 words or less. Occasionally I’ll run across something less than journalistic, but if that’s the price I pay to get instant everything then I can deal with it.